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2014 08 14 1408001975 With 16+ years of producing all types of content, from Music Videos, Advertisements, VIP Events reports to Extreme Sports, Wolfcut represents a new generation of videographers/directors, a fresh way of thinking that uses every skills and available resources to create the most dynamic and powerful visuals. Traveling through all continents to capture the most authentic places, playing with boundaries of traditional workflows, Wolfcut is definitely unique in his genre.
  • Street Handcraft Workers
    Wolfcut Goes Peru - Street Handcraft Workers
  • Huancayo Train Station
    Wolfcut Goes Peru - Huancayo Train Station
  • World Star
    Kage Sparks "World Star" Music Video
    featuring Supermodel Maria Lynn Ehren
  • Discovery Channel
    Model Aleea Clee on the set of Discovery Channel


Lost Kings

Kage Sparks releases new single Lost Kings from upcoming sophomore album Searching For Something More featuring Jamaican artist Denham Smith.

Kage Sparks EPK

Kage Sparks aka Africas Street Ambassador provides an insightful look into his journey so far.

Firestarter 2012

Independent African artist Kage Sparks pays homage to one of his favorite groups, The Prodigy, by putting his own spin on their classic smash hit Firestarter which was first released in 1996 via XL recordings. As a group they have inspired him with their creative vision, artistic integrity, conceptual songs and ground breaking music videos. Firestarter 2012 is his artistic interpretation of what it means to be a Firestarter. The treatment and creative vision of the music video was written and conceptualized by Kage Sparks and directed by French Director Wolfcut. Firestarter 2012, was done as a tribute by Kage Sparks to The Prodigy for providing a blueprint he applies today in his own music and videos. 

Making of Firestarter 2012 (The Snake Scene)

Kage Sparks decides to rap with a poisonous snake around his neck, while driving through the gateway to the sahara for his new video Firestarter 2012.

Making of Firestarter 2012 (The Plane Scene)

Kage Sparks aka Africas Street Ambassador takes us behind the scenes of the SKY DIVING scene for his new video Firestarter 2012

Inspiring Music Videos

inspiring music videos wolfcut kage sparks

African Dream / Love The Way / Ghost of the city is now available on Inspiring Music Videos website. http://inspiring-music-videos.com/2012/08/19/

And the website deserves some attention, with a selection of the most inspiring video of the web, this site got all the content you need to spend great moments in Zen mode.

Don't hesitate to give it a look at http://inspiring-music-videos.com

Kage Sparks Interview on Belgian National Television

Interview with Kage Sparks aka Africas Street Ambassador explaining the reasons behind him filming a music video for African Dream.

Source : Télé Bruxelles 

Ghosts of the City

Filmed in UK and Europe


Shaka Zulu


Pre- Chorus
Shaka shaka, shaka zulu, shaka shaka, shaka zulu

I got my tribe by my side and they riding for me
I got my tribe by my side and they riding for me
I got my tribe by my side and they riding for me
I got my tribe by my side and they riding for me, yeah yeah

Verse 1:
Respect it this is kage sparks,resurrected from the grave yard
Shaka about to take charge, genius of a ray charles
Spar keep it real like, nelson mandela
Need a wifey by my side like, miriam makeba/
Lions bow when the giants out,
Got the hands of time tied and bound
Rifle scope of inspired hope,
Fire quotes till your minds explode
Even Jesus want to download
Why's that? cos he fiending every damned flow
Strike the match, snipe the charts, watch the brand blow
Fly the flag, time for Africa to run this show

Pre- Chorus:
Shaka shaka, shaka zulu, shaka shaka, shaka zulu


Verse 2
Jumped off the slave ship, blood on my chain bitch
Aim for the top, gun shots of greatness
Scholars out in cambridge, want to study my whole playlist
I'm only stating facts charles dickens couldnt paint this
Hard living rage, heart driven feel that pain twist
Carve through your face cinematic hate you cant miss
Sparks out the cage i empower still im ruthless
Real G shit, need mugabe on the remix
Black phoenix, bad and mean as idi amin back
Kage sparks shatter arenas/
Crash through the scene like, kong in this beytatch
G rap, kane, rakim i'mma be that
Flows to make EM want to just relapse
So how dance acts going compete with this anthrax
Co just being real i can jump on them dance tracks
Difference is, still spit that african witch craft
And thats Word to my mothers land
Spar got skills sharp as the spear in shaka's hand


I'm an african warrior, marching victorious/ x4


World Star

Kage Sparks sets world record for an independent artist by filming in 8 Countries on 3 different continents for Music Video entitled World Star".

Kage Sparks aka Africas Street Ambassador

Featuring African-Boyz
Directed by Wolfcut
Produced by Blessstar

Love the Way

Kage Sparks aka Africas Street Ambassador kagesparks.com
Featuring African-Boyz
Directed by Wolfcut wolfcutdirector.com
Music Produced by Bruno Sanchioni

African Dream

 Filmed in Kenya

That's my African dream
Eyes to the stars, fire in my heart
Roots of it all, My African dream
Can we stand together like a young Mandela
Inspiring a future for us all

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