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2014 08 14 1408001975 With 16+ years of producing all types of content, from Music Videos, Advertisements, VIP Events reports to Extreme Sports, Wolfcut represents a new generation of videographers/directors, a fresh way of thinking that uses every skills and available resources to create the most dynamic and powerful visuals. Traveling through all continents to capture the most authentic places, playing with boundaries of traditional workflows, Wolfcut is definitely unique in his genre.
  • Shoeshine Boy in Streets of Lima
    Wolfcut Goes Peru - Shoeshine Boys in Streets of Lima
  • Huancayo Train Station
    Wolfcut Goes Peru - Huancayo Train Station
  • World Star
    Kage Sparks "World Star" Music Video
    featuring Supermodel Maria Lynn Ehren
  • Discovery Channel
    Model Aleea Clee on the set of Discovery Channel
  • Firestarter Jumping out of the plane
    Kage Sparks "Firestarter 2012" Music Video
    Jumping out of the plane
  • On The Set of Lost Kings
    On set of Kage Sparks "Lost Kings" Music Video
  • Street Kids in Lima Peru
    Street Kids in Lima Peru
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